TOMMY CAGGIANI (drummer, percussionist, composer, music therapist and mathematician). Drum teacher and tutor of non-Western tradition membranophones (percussion and history of the ethnic percussion) at Superior Jazz Conservatory of Navarre, Spain. Artistic director of Ni CaJazz! Festival of Alcanadre, La Rioja, Spain, since 2012.

Tommy Caggiani is an exception in the world of jazz, Italian lived in different places on the planet: in South America, United States and recently in different places of Spain, soaking with so different musical cultures making his music be as he is: eclectic, heterogeneous, rich in rhythms and sonorities, generous, optimistic, energetic and happy; a form of playing that celebrates life.

In addition, Tommy was trained as a music therapist (Master at the Danish University of Aalborg) and he has conducted research on self-healing therapies related with sound and ethnic music, creating his own method of “Healing Percussion&quot”. Life has led him to collaborate with wonderful artists such as: Maurizio Giammarco, Antonello Salis, Donald Alridge, Malik Yaqub, Bob Sands, Jerry González, Jorge Pardo, José Luis Gutiérrez, Javier Colina, Kepa Junkera, Baldo Martínez, John Williams, Alex Weiss, Claudio Recabarren, Ara Malikian y Javier Paxariño, among others. He has recorded more than 30 CDs with Italian and Spanish groups. Since 2012 is playing with Tommy Caggiani Therion Project.